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I liked the honest sharing of information and the trainers helped to clarify doubts. Victor and Rusmin were both insightful and passionate in their teaching.

Chong Soon Kuan

Systematic analysis. Great to understand. They also highlighted important points on the various steps in the analysis and the sharing of real-life experience through investment case studies was impactful.

Hong Qi Kok

The course is very concise and well structured. I found the 8-step process to screen dividend stocks useful and was impressed by Rusmin’s deep understanding on REITs and the 4 investment quadrants used to pick and value a REIT.

Chang Wai Lurn

Dividend Machines has  given me a clear idea and information about Singapore REITs. The steps in the dividend stock analysis was insightful especially for beginners.

Daren Goh

What I like most about Dividend Machines is that it tells me where to pick the most important information from a company’s annual reports. I also found the step on how to avoid potentially fraudulent companies very useful along with knowing the proper way to use NAV to value a REIT.

Lek Wee Keat

The trainers highlighted opportunities in various markets and how to avoid companies that could be potentially fraudulent. Their objective sharing on investing in REITs was useful!

Lynne Lim

It was easy to apply the set of criteria on stock selection. The 8 steps to identify the best dividend stocks and the quadrant model on REITs, especially the portion on NAV, was very useful.

Derek Yang

Easy to understand and detailed course content. Trainers are willing to share their real-life experiences and mistakes which is very useful!

Steven Yap

Just like to take this opportunity to thank The Fifth Person for Dividend Machines. It’s really an enriching course with a lot of new materials for beginners and served as a good revision for the experienced. Thank you Victor, Rusmin and the rest of the team for delivering the course. I appreciate your time and effort!

Nah Wei Xiang

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