Join Dividend Machines Professional and Get Instant Access to the Watchlist & Portfolio Features

Here’s what you’ll receive as a Dividend Machines Professional member:

Dividend Machines

Member Benefits
  • Dividend Machines online training course
  • 5 learning modules and 40+ video lessons
  • Downloadable investment checklists and spreadsheets
  • Direct Q&A access to your coaches
  • Unlimited updates to the Dividend Machines course
  • Unlimited re-attendance to the Dividend Machines Live Workshop
*Dividend Machines Professional is an optional, seperate subscription and is not offered upfront as the service may not be suitable for every individual based on their personal financial situation and investment goals. It is recommended that members attend the live workshop before joining Dividend Machines Professional. The importance of doing so is to make sure you fully understand the Dividend Machines investment process, and why certain stocks qualify as great investments for dividends before you utilize the stocks on the watchlist and portfolio. We reserve the right to reject an application if we feel that Dividend Machines Professional is not suitable for you.