Q&ACategory: Dividend StocksData and nos. used in presentation notes dated
Wendy Phua asked 6 months ago
Those Data used for presentation were dated e.g it shown only data of companies up to 2019, how often the tutorial notes for students are updated?
1 Answers
Rusmin Ang Staff answered 6 months ago
Hi Wendy,    We usually review it every year to decide whether the course modules, text and videos, are still relevant. For the written text, we do it annually. That means that we will update the datas but for video, we can't simply edit over so we would have to re record it only when we find the content is no longer relevant. The date may be outdated but as long as the key point is still intact, we will usually keep it as it is. But every three to five years, we will do a major revamp on the site. This will be available for you for free since you're already enrolled into this!