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goldeni25 asked 5 months ago
Dear DM team, understand that you guys dun give stock recommendation. Can i just ask based on your personal opinion, is Keppel at $7.15 today still worth investing given its future potential?
goldeni25 replied 5 months ago

Thanks.– Rusmin 🙂

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Rusmin Ang Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi James,

It is good to see that Keppel Corp is pursuing asset light strategy and building up recurring income after restructuring over the last few years. Previously, we weren't even consider this company but as they are heading into the right direction, we find this company becomes a good option for those who want to invest for dividends. Right now, the yield is around 4.8% which I don't find it quite attractive.

You may want to run through the 8-Step analysis and see if you can find the historical high yield and low yield for Keppel?