Q&ACategory: Dividend StocksWhere to find dividend per share and the payment frequency
Stephanie Gan asked 2 months ago
Hi Fifth Person, in the DBS 2023 annual report, it mentions a dividend payout of $0.54 per share. May I know where can I find the dividend amounts per share for the other three quarters and how do we adjust for bonus shares? Additionally, where can I find information on the dividend payout frequency—whether it is distributed annually, semi-annually, or quarterly for the different companies and banks? Thank you.
Stephanie Gan replied 2 months ago

Thanks Victor.

1 Answers
Victor Chng Staff answered 2 months ago
Hi Stephanie, 

The full-year dividend is on page 9 of the annual report, which is $1.92. To adjust for the 10% bonus share issue, you must divide $1.92 by 1.1.
Victor Chng Staff replied 2 months ago

The frequency of dividends is usually stated in the annual report when the management states interim and final dividends, which means semi-annually. For quarterly dividends, the management will state it, too.