Q&ACategory: Dividend StocksWhether to invest on lion rock and FLCT?
Boon Ping Ang asked 4 months ago
Hi FP, I see that Lion rock fundamentals have improve and they give special dividend. Would you look at it again? Same for FLCT.   Please also share the answer on thursday online meet up. Tks
1 Answers
Rusmin Ang Staff answered 4 months ago
Hi Boon Ping,   It's been awhile since I tracked Lion Rock but it seems that they've done well over the last two years, navigating the huge uncertainties amidst the pandemic. Kudos to them! Again, my view on the management hasn't changed, it is probably one of the best manager in Hong Kong but it isn't an easy business to manage moving forward. That's why we\'ve divested them back in 2020.    For FLCT, it is also considered one of the well-managed REITs out there but their heavy exposure in Australia and Europe will expose us to significant currency risk fluctuation that will affect DPU positively/negatively from time to time. If you're looking to invest in REITs with foreign exposure, I think it is better for you to demand additional yield of at least 2% for the risk premium. That means that if it is not giving you at least 7% yield (about $1 in term of share price) or best 8% yield (~88c), I think not worth taking on the currency risk.