The Dividend Machines Online Training Course

Module 1: Personal Finance

How to Create an Investment Plan to Fund Your Dream Lifestyle

Before you embark on any investment strategy, it is imperative that your own financial house is in order. In this module, you’ll learn how to track your own cash flow and personal net worth.

You’ll also discover how much savings and insurance you need as your safety nets before you start to invest. Once you understand your unique financial situation, you can decide how best to create a income investment plan to suit your individual needs and goals.

This module will also show you how to create your desired lifestyle and calculate how your dividend stock portfolio can fund your lifestyle expenses indefinitely.

Module 2: Dividend Machines

The Dividend Machines 8-Step System to Pick the Best Dividend Stocks

In this module, we reveal the Dividend Machines 8-step system we personally use to pick the best dividend stocks. If a stock passes all eight criteria in the filtering process, you have yourself a solid, stable dividend stock that will give you a passive stream of income for decades to come (not just years!).

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Companies with the best types of business models to invest for dividends
  • 3 dividend trends to look for in a stock if you want steady dividends and long-term growth
  • How to find the most financially stable dividend stocks to reduce your risk and sleep soundly at night
  • How to avoid dangerous dividend stocks with highly attractive yields which could crash any moment
  • The best time to invest in a dividend stock for maximum yield and returns
  • Specific situations when you should sell a dividend stock to avoid losing your money

And more…

Module 3: Investing in REITs

How to Pick the Best REIT Investments in Singapore and Malaysia

Singapore has one of the fastest growing REITs markets in the world and, after Japan, is the second largest REIT market in Asia with $69 billion in market capitalization. Similarly, Malaysia boasts 16 REITs and one stapled trust with a combined market capitalization of RM45 billion. Due to favourable tax breaks, S-REITs and M-REITs distribute 90% of their profits to unitholders every three months and offer a high, steady passive income stream for investors.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • 5 categories of REITs and the best one to invest in for dividends and growth
  • Unique risks to each REIT category you need to look out for before you invest in any REIT
  • Growth drivers a REIT must have so you can earn increasing dividends as years go by
  • The best types of sponsors and managers a REIT must have to ensure growth and stability
  • 5 financial metrics a REIT must pass before you invest
  • How to value a REIT accurately and the best time to invest in one

And more…

Module 4: Portfolio Management

How to Optimize Your Dividend Stock Portfolio and Diversify Your Risk

In this module, you’ll learn how to manage your dividend stock portfolio to increase overall returns and diversify your risk according to your age and risk profile.

You’ll know the optimum number of stocks you should have in your portfolio to reduce your non-market risk to a minimum. You’ll also learn the optimal weight each individual stock should have in your portfolio and important dividend payout details to know when constructing a dividend portfolio to suit your unique income needs.

Video Coaching Lessons

44 Video Coaching Lessons That Cover The Entire Dividend Machines Course Content

You’ll also have access to 44 video coaching lesson where we will run through all the modules in the entire Dividend Machines course. We’ll cover more case studies, insights, and in-depth analysis you’ll not find anywhere else.

These video coaching lessons are a great opportunity to learn and model the investment thought process of your Dividend Machine lead trainers and soak up knowledge from their vast experience.

These videos coaching lessons are recorded so you can access and review the content over and over again. This way, you’ll never miss any piece of vital information that’ll contribute to your success.


Direct Q&A Access to Your Lead Trainers

Ask Any Questions You Have About the Course and Income Investing

As a member of Dividend Machines, you also receive ongoing 24/7 Q&A support from your lead coaches. You can ask us any real-life questions you might have about income investing and we’ll answer your queries LIVE in the member’s section just for you.

Now we want to make this clear that this isn’t for us to give you any stock recommendations or tell you when to buy/sell a stock. (We’re not allowed to do that anyway!) But this is a place for you to really seek us out as coaches and ask us the questions that will help make you a better investor.

We just want you to know that we here to support your growth and education if you should choose to join us as a Dividend Machines member.

Unlimited Updates

FREE Updates to the Dividend Machines Course

As with all our training courses, once you become a member of Dividend Machines, not only will you be given full access to everything you need to start earning streams of passive dividend income, you’ll also be given unlimited lifetime updates to the training course.

These can be new modules, video lessons, case studies, updates and resources… you get them for FREE. There are no recurring charges or any fees to access these updates. They come along with your one-time investment in Dividend Machines.

How’s that for a bargain?

Basically, it has everything you need to make it as an income investor. The system & strategies, the framework, and even ongoing lifetime support to make sure you succeed.