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“How ​Anyone Can Make 5-6 Figures Every Year In Passive Income Copying A Simple, Set & Forget Dividend Investment System That
Puts Cash In Your Pocket... Even During A Recession!"    ​

This Is Investing As Hands-Free As It Gets...

Imagine this... "KA-C​HING"

A​ ​thousand-dollar cheque.

​"K​a-​c​hing"... another $5,000...

"Ka-Ching"... yet another $2,000 cheque with your name printed on it...

That's $8,000 in the month of April alone...

In fact, you also received $500 back in February and in June you know you’ll be expecting another two cheques that total $3,000 in dividend payouts.

​​​​Life is good.

And as you sit at your desk looking at your bank statement, it’s as if a divine light is shining down from the heavens – with you right in a spotlight.

​Yes, just like the movies, except this time… you’re the main lead. And as your heart wells up with pride and joy, a beaming smile stretches uncontrollably across your face — Life REALLY is good!

​​​If this sounds like the life you’d like to have… here’s how to make this a soon-to-be reality because...


While Everyone Is Talking & Raving About Making ​A Million Dollars... ​There Are A ​Special Breed ​Of Investors Who Cash In 5-6 Figures In Pure Passive Income Every Year...

There were once three very different people: Alan, Bob, and Sue...

​These three people came from vastly different backgrounds...

Alan is a retired lawyer in his forties. Being in a highly paid profession, he has earned enough over his career and decided to call it quits more than five years ago.

Bob, a sales manager, just celebrated his 4​6​th birthday this year. Like any other average working adult, he receives a decent four-figure salary from his job ever since he started working.

Sue is a homemaker. She has not been working ever since she retired more than twenty years ago. She now stays at home, looks after the children, and runs the household

These three people came from vastly different backgrounds..

Different family upbringings, different educational backgrounds, and different salary levels of salary.

They’ve never met each other before, but…

There Is Something Strangely Similar
These 3 Very Different People

Alan the retired lawyer takes home more than $300,000 in stock dividends every year. He now travels the world as he pleases.

He can be in Tokyo, Japan having his sashimi today and the next time you call him, he’ll be skiing at Kleine Scheidegg, Switzerland’s top ski resort.

Bob the sales manager hasn’t retired. A frugal person by nature, Bob keeps his money close by his side.

Then again, he’s already a millionaire and every year he gets a nice stream of dividends of up to $161,000 from the stocks he's invested in.

Sue the homemaker stopped working since she was 35. She is not yet a millionaire and relies on the allowance her husband gives her every month.

But unlike most people, Sue pockets close to $45,000 every single year from her stock dividends – that’s still about $3,750 a month!

3 different people, 3 different backgrounds, 3 different lives — but ONE uncanny similarity…

They have no money worries anymore and they have a choice: They can choose not to work a single day for the rest of their lives..

And if you’re wondering… Yes, Bob, Alan and Sue are true stories.

Their occupation and dividend incomes are all real.

Only their names have been changed to hide their identit​​​ies.

​So ​What's Their Secret?​

The​y invest ​for I​NCOME.

​Unlike investors who are looking to double their investments in 3-5 years, income investors are happy netting a 5-15% yield p.a. in cash back from their stocks.

​With all this money coming back, you can then chose to do what you want with it – Go on a nice holiday, shop at your favourite brands or, better still, buy more of those dividend-paying stocks to grow your dividend payouts further.

​The truth is, millionaire or not, income investors have the power of  choice.

And what better way to have control over your choices than to have money in your hands you can see, touch, and feel…

​Remember Sue? ​

​​Sue’s a homemaker and she’s getting a decent $45,000 in pure passive income every year.

​Would you trade places to be in her shoes instead of chasing and praying that the share price of your stock is going to go up ?

​You bet.

So What Makes Income Investing So Different & Lucrative ​Compared To Traditional Investing?

Traditionally, investing requires you to carefully select and analyze a good company and project their future earnings and growth...

​​The bigger the business grows, the bigger your returns.

​​The only challenge is… you must be able to accurately predict the future success of a business.

​​And that’s not easy to do for the average investor.

​​With income investing, you invest in companies that already have the financial ability to pay you consistent dividends year after year after year.

It doesn’t matter if the company doesn’t grow as fast as you like, or fails to meet earnings estimates, or temporarily falls in stock price… you’re still getting paid.

In fact, if you become really good at it, your dividends can range anywhere from a decent 5% to an incredibly insane yield of 15% per year!

Dividend Stocks Can Give You Incredible
Capital Gains As Well
 - ​43X ​More In Fact

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Take a look at this study done by Ned Davis Research which compares the returns of stocks in the S&P 500 over forty years from 1972-2012 according to their dividend policy.

As you can see, every $100 invested in non-paying dividend stocks returned $193.

But for every $100 invested in dividend growers & initiators, the returns were $4,168.

That’s more than 43X better than the dividend non-payers!

What does this tell you?

It tells you that the best companies are also the ones that can afford to pay increasing dividends to shareholders year after year.

It kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

​For a company to be able to increase dividends every year, it has to grow its revenue and profits every year as well.

​And a company that’s able to consistently grow its revenue and profits every year will obviously see its stock price rise sharply over the long term!

Need ​More Proof Dividend Investing Works?
Here's A Look At What Happens ​When You 

REINVEST The Dividends You Receive

Re-investing your dividends is like giving a shot of steroids to boost your investment returns through the power of compounding — without additional capital from your side!

Here’s a study done on two separate indices in the U.S. and the UK over a span of 100 years.

As you can see, the equity return of the U.S. and UK indices from base 1 is 198 and 149 respectively. But if you reinvest the dividends, your returns skyrocket to 16,797 and 16,160!

​​In other words, a mere $1,000 would become $16,797,000 just by re-investing the dividends — and doing nothing more.

Source: Triumph of the Optimists, Elroy Dimson, Paul Marsh and Mike Stanton, Princeton University Press, 2002, p. 145

​​​​​Insane, isn’t it?

​​But that’s the power of dividends and compounding working in your favour. Over time, your investment returns can be astounding. Of course, these are just some of the advantages of investing in dividend stocks.

​But the really lucrative reason is…

Becoming a Successful Income Investor Is Wayyyyy Simpler...
And You Get To
See Your Money Fast​​

As an income investor, you don’t need to wait for your returns.

The moment you buy your stock, you know it’s going to pay you good dividends for years to come.

No longer do you need to painfully wait 3, 5, or 10 years before you realize your gains.

Now don’t get us wrong, it’s OK for investors to invest for growth and capital gains. We’ve personally seen relatively good returns using that strategy, sometimes netting returns as high as 63-185% in 3-4 years.

​​But for some people, how many years can you afford to wait?

  • What if those five years didn’t pan out the way you wanted?
  • What if an economic crisis erases ALL your profits before you cash out?
  • Are you going to wait another five years to recover before finally taking your profits?

All these are real-life concerns for your average investor.

​But for income investors…

​It's About Safe & Consistent Dividend Payouts Now ​
No Waiting, No Guesswork, No Surprises​

​If there is one word to describe this, it’s stability.

​Alan, the ex-lawyer, Bob the engineer, or Sue the homemaker…

They all come from different backgrounds but they all financially made it with one similar result.

​​​They receive their dividends like clockwork on time year after year – No drama, no surprises, every single year.

​​And if you were in their shoes, you’ll be receiving the same payouts, payouts, and payouts year after year.

It doesn’t matter if stock prices go up or go down… you get PAID.

​​​​​​No more stock price monitoring, no more guessing if a business is going to hit its growth projections, and who cares if a company doesn’t meet analysts’ estimatesyou still get PAID.

​​​In other words, less stress, less risk, and faster tangible results now.

​​If this sounds like the kind of life you’d like as an investor, I want you to…

Gain Direct Access To Our Proven
S​et-​N-​Forget System To Create Your Own
 ​Dividend ​Machines

You see, we’ve created a complete online training course on income investing.

We call it Dividend Machines because it’s exactly that — a machine that keeps spitting out dividends and passive income year after year after year.

Like we mentioned, the best part is that it’s a lot simpler to become a successful income investor compared to becoming a successful value or growth investor.

This training course contains nothing but income investment strategies that have been tested and proven to work extremely well.

Less Stress + Less Work + Instant Tangible Results

More Time, More Money, More Choices

It has content packed to the brim showing you how to identify the best dividend stocks that’ll pay you streams of passive dividend income for years and years to come..

You’ll get easy-to-follow videos, step-by-step modules, illustrations, and case studies… all laid out in a simple, easy-to-understand format so you can get the most out of the training.

Yup, we'll cover everything about dividend stocks, including how to go about finding and investing in the best REITs around the region.

To give you the bigger picture,​

Here's What We Cover Inside The Course

The Dividend Machines
"How To Find & Invest In The Best Dividend Stocks That'll Pay You ​Increasing Dividends For Life"

(RM1988 Value)

​​In this module, we reveal the Dividend Machines 8-step system we personally use to pick the best dividend stocks. If a stock passes all eight criteria in the filtering process, you have yourself a solid, stable dividend stock that will give you a passive stream of income for decades to come (not just years!)

Here you’ll learn:

  • Companies with the best types of business models to invest for dividends
  • 3 dividend trends to look for in a stock if you want steady dividends and long-term growth
  • How to find the most stable dividend stocks to reduce your risk and sleep soundly at night
  • 'Red flag' dividend stocks that look​ artificially attractive but could crash any moment -- and how to avoid them
  • The best time to invest in a dividend stock for maximum yield and returns, including how to value a dividend stock.
  • Specific situations when you should sell a dividend stock
  • ​And more...

REITs Success Formula
"How To Pick The Best Reits With Stable Growing DPU
In Singapore, Malaysia ​And Hong Kong"

(​RM​1988 Value)

Singapore has one of the fastest-growing REITs markets in the world and, after Japan, is the second largest REIT market in Asia with $69 billion in market capitalization. Similarly, Malaysia boasts ​17 REITs and one stapled trust with a combined market capitalization of RM45 billion. Due to favourable tax breaks, S-REITs and M-REITs distribute 90% of their profits to unitholders every three months and offer a high, steady passive income stream for investors.

Here you’ll learn:

  • The 5 ​categories of REITs and ​the best ones to invest for dividends and growth
  • Unique risks in each type of REIT ​you need to look out for before you invest
  • Growth drivers a REIT must have so you can earn increasing dividends as years go by
  • The best type of sponsors and managers a REIT must have to ensure growth and stability
  • 5 financial metrics a REIT must pass before you invest
  • How to value a REIT accurately and the best time to invest in one
  • ​And more...

Yup, we cover BOTH dividend stocks and REITs inside the ​Dividend ​Machines training course - It's really killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Both of them are extremely comprehensive and, at the end of the day, after completing these training modules, you'll have the complete picture how to grow your ​financial nest egg with dividend stocks.

Imagine getting 4 or 5 figures in dividend payouts every year - consistently.

Will that be helpful for your retirement?

Now how about growing dividends? Because you manage to find and invest in the best dividend stocks, these stable companies are able to grow and increase their payouts to you...

5 to 10 years down the road... how much would that be?

And if you start out early enough or if your already have a capital large enough, how does getting a 6-figure yearly payout sound like? 

Now apart from the training modules, you also get:

Exclusive 24/7 Ongoing Members-Only
Question & Answer Support

(​​RM7,9​88 Value)

As a member of Dividend Machines, you also receive ongoing 24/7 Q&A support from your lead coaches. You can ask us any real-life questions you might have about income investing and we’ll answer your queries LIVE in the member’s section just for you.

​​Now we want to make this clear that this isn’t for us to give you any stock recommendations or tell you when to buy/sell a stock. (We’re not allowed to do that anyway!) But this is a place for you to really seek us out as coaches and ask us the questions that will help make you a better investor.

We just want you to know that we here to support your growth and education if you should choose to join us as a Dividend Machines member.

​Unlimited 'Lifetime'
Course ​Content Updates 
(​RM39​88 Value)

As with all our training courses, once you become a member of Dividend Machines, not only will you be given full access to everything you need to start earning streams of passive dividend income, you’ll also be given unlimited lifetime updates to the training course

​These can be new modules, video lessons, case studies, updates and resources… you get them for FREE. There are no recurring charges or any fees to access these updates. They come along with your one-time investment in Dividend Machines.

How’s that for a bargain?

​Basically, it has everything you need to make it as an income investor. The system & strategies, the framework, and even ongoing lifetime support to make sure you succeed.

​​But believe it or not, that’s still not everything.

Here’s what we will be doing to ensure you get the most out of your training course...

​​Dividend Machines 
'​LIVE' Workshop ​
(Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur)
(​RM​3​9​88 Value)

We know some investors prefer to learn things ​in a live classroom and like to take things offline. Yup, there are companies out there charging $3,000 to $​5,000 for a 2-day workshop, but we are not going to do that because everything is included in your Dividend Machines training.

Yes, to make sure that you get everything up to speed, we’re conducting a Dividend Machines All-Access Workshop for you when you become a Dividend Machines member today.

It’s a full-day, all-content workshop that’ll supercharge your learning so you’re on your way to becoming a successful income investor the moment you walk out the door.

I say again, this is a full-day workshop – ​​not a preview and it’s definitely NOT a sales-pitch ‘seminar’.

The workshop will reinforce ​the entire 8-step Dividend Machines process as well as our proprietary system to invest in the best ​REITs for long-term capital growth and passive income.

We’ll also be covering some strategies and live insights not discussed in the online course – So make sure you​ make yourself available here... because ​it’s really that good!

Fact is, you’re gonna get your hands ‘dirty’ so you can personally experience hands-on how to pick, analyze and invest in the right REITs and dividend stocks.

This also means that you get to look over our shoulders at how we identify the best dividend stocks LIVE and in person

We promise that you’re going to walk home, equipped with the income investing knowledge that’s going to feed you for life.

Heck… you might even get ideas straight of the bat just from the workshop alone. (Hint!) Exciting, we know!

But here’s why you want to pay close attention…

Dividend Machines is only available for a limited period of time...

​Don't Miss This Again

Dividend Machines will close its doors at 23:59 hours on ​​​​20 ​​Mar 20​20.

​The bad news is, the next time it opens, the course fee is likely to go up…

​This is because, we have plans to add more case studies ​to the online course for all ​current members – ​all complimentary!

​I know it sounds “cruel” but we really want you to start early because when it comes to investing...

Time is of the ​essence!

Miss this… and you’ll have to waitanother ​​6-12 months​ for our next intake.

That’s opportunity cost.

In fact, the earlier you start, the more you’ll compound your money… and the more you compound, the faster you’ll achieve your financial goals​. It’s really that simple!

​By now, I guess the most important question that’s running through your mind is…

How Much Do You Need To Get Started On This?

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a insanely good offer.

Our readers and past students know that we only provide the best, in-depth training courses on investing.

Dividend Machines covers all grounds, from online​/offline learning ​to ​post-course support… so that you’ll never be left out or lost in the whole training process.

And if you were to look at the courses that are going around, it is already priced at ​RM ​5000 to ​RM ​10000 for just the live seminars alone…

The good news is, you are NOT going to pay anything near that, not even close​! And if you’re wondering just how much it’s going to cost you to get full access to the full Dividend Machines course and the bonus LIVE workshop… you are going to be pleased.

Lifetime access to the Dividend Machines training course with all the modules, videos, and case studies is going for just ​RM​ 1​​7​78 today.

Remember, this access also covers you with lifetime updates, which also means that whenever there are new ​​​investment insights or case studies, it will be given to you – FREE.

At this price, it is extremely affordable for almost anyone who wants to take control of their financial life and still justifies the time and resources our trainers invested in putting the course together.

And if you go through the entire Dividend Machines course and follow the modules, videos and actions steps listed one by one…

It's So Affordable That You'll Likely Make Back Everything In Your First Dividend Stock...


Sometimes, so much more you’ll start to wonder why you didn’t start this earlier.

Remember, not only are you getting the online course with LIFETIME support and updates, your membership also includes a LIVE ​1-day workshop.

​​But that's not all you're getting...

Enjoy ​RM ​300 OFF Today!

Yup, we know the cost of living has been creeping up...

​And while other hyped-up training courses are simply getting even more and more expensive, we aren't going to do that...

We really want to keep our training courses as affordable as possible (though we really don't know how long we can keep this up).

So Instead of the usual ​RM ​1​​778​, Dividend Machines is going for just ​RM ​1478 today! 

At just ​RM 1288​... ​

Dividend Machines Is 
​Only ​RM4 A Day

Think about this...

​For less than a dollar a day, you are getting the full training course with all the lifetime content updates, the ongoing support and the unlimited workshops... 

​Do you that's easily worth more than ​RM4 a day?

Increasing your dividends, multiplying your winners, and avoiding costly mistakes... plus an education experience that's going to last you a lifetime...

​Do you think ​your future is worth more than ​RM4​ to you? I certainly hope so...

It’s truly a crazy good offer and if you're still thinking of a reason why this is too expensive, then maybe this really isn’t for you.

We can’t stress enough how powerful, insightful, and detailed the Dividend Machines course is because there really is no holding back in this training course.

​And ​instead of showing you testimonials that promise​ you the sun (and the moon and stars...), here are just some genuine takeaways past students have taken away from the course​:

"Rusmin & Victor are highly knowledgeable, shared real-life cases and are very approachable with questions. Impressive! They were very focused and keen to impart their knowledge and experience on income stocks and I learned a lot about REITs which was what I was most interested in."

~ Helen

"The course has comprehensive methodology for both income stocks and REIT investment. The topic on potential fraud detection was very useful and not commonly taught anywhere else"

~ Giselle

"I liked most the 8 steps and ample information on identifying quality income stocks and REITs. The sharing of case studies also helped to make things clear. Besides the SGX, I found the views on the Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong markets most useful."

~ ​Justin

"What I like most about Dividend Machines is that it tells me where to pick the most important information from a company’s annual reports. I also found the step on how to avoid potentially fraudulent companies very useful along with knowing how the proper way to use NAV to value a REIT"

~ ​Wee Kiat

​Let's Recap Everything You Get When You Join​Dividend Machines Today

  • ​​Online Access To Dividend Machines Training Course - (​RM 3,9​88)
    (All Inclusive Training - Dividend Stocks + Singapore REITs + Malaysia REITs)​
  • The Private Member's Only Q&A Forum - (​RM ​7,9​88)
    (​Unlimited Support - 24/7 Get All Your Questions Answered​)
  • The ​Dividend Machines LIVE Workshop (​​4th ​Apr) (​RM 3,9​88)
    (Unlimited Review - You Can Sit In The Live Class Over & Over Again!)
  • Complimentary Future Content Upgrades - (​RM 3,9​88)
    (​Lifetime Access to The Training Modules Even If We Upgrade Or Add More Contents!)
  • Time Limited Discount - ​RM​​300 OFF - (​RM​ ​300)

TOTAL VALUE: ​RM ​​​20,​352

Get Started Today For ​​RM ​1​7​78.00
Just ​RM ​1​,4​78

And in case you are wondering...

​There Is NO Catch.

I know it all sounds too good to be true especially if you are new to ​us at ​The Fifth Person. 

But ​Dividend Machines is into its ​fourth year now and all our students can vouch for the ​genuineness of ​what we offer. (In fact, Dividend Machines was just ​RM ​788 when it first started! The early bird always catches the worm... ​:)

​The most probable reason why you ​may feel skeptical is because you've been constantly exposed to 'gurus' paddling courses at $X,xxx... ​which is the main reason why Fifth Person was founded because we really wanted to ​produce top quality financial education as affordable as possible to anyone ​who wants to learn.

​And ​the offer sounds really good today because we mean it... ​

​because if you were to think about it​... The ​LIVE workshop, the online training modules, the Q&A support... everything is actually designed to help you learn, support, and better your investment knowledge.

I could go on and on about the 'history' of The Fifth Person but you get the idea...

So Y​ES, for just ​RM ​1478, you get access to everything ​Dividend ​Machines has to offer and still have enough to buy your next dividend stock. ​​Except this time, you'll be adding better quality dividend stocks ​to your portfolio.

Now if you are still on the fence wondering and thinking ​whether you should take this leap of faith... 

​How About A ​100% Money-Back Guarantee
(You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose)

Like we mentioned earlier, we really want to help you succeed and so we are putting our money where our mouth is:

Our Iron-Clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We can make this kind of guarantee only when we’re 100% certain that you find the content inside the course extremely powerful and useful – and we are. ​You get to experience the course yourself with our risk-free, put-everything-in-your-hands guarantee. So go ahead and join Dividend Machines as a member today. You have a full 30 days to see if this is right for you. If you are not satisfied with what you’ve paid for, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund ALL your money. No hassles. No hard feelings. ​

Simply put - you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

In fact, we're the ones that are pressured to hold on to our end of the bargain. ​

And that's just how serious we are about you getting the best out of this training course and how much we want you to succeed.

So if you are ready, here’s what I want you to do next…

1) If you scroll down below, you’ll see there is an ​orange order button

2) Click on it and it’ll bring you to a payment page. ​It accepts all major credit cards, Visa, Master, Amex, you name it.​

3) Once your payment ​approved, ​it will automatically bring you to the Dividend Machines member’s area

4) In the member’s area, you’ll also get to choose the date for your LIVE Dividend Machines ​workshop

​So if you are still on the fence, let me just say ​​​we can promise you that this launch is the only opportunity that you can gain access to the entire Dividend Machines course and the LIVE 1-day workshop at this low one-time price of ​RM ​1​4​78.

The next time we open this up again, we can’t guarantee that the price will remain this low. (We even have people asking us to increase our price!!!)

​Now, we'll see you inside the member's area.

The Fifth Person

YES! I Am Ready To Join The 
​Dividend Machines Today!

P.S. If you are looking for a “brainless”, stress-free method of investing, THIS IS IT. It is highly duplicable and all the steps are listed carefully for you every ​inch of the way. With actual case studies and unlimited updates to the training course itself, you are really in for a treat.

P.P.S. The early bird always catches the worm. The next time we open ​Dividend ​Machines up, there is a high chance that the prices will go up and the bonus workshop ​may no longer be available. It’s really now or never… so don’t wait.

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