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Mallvin Rajamohan asked 1 week ago
Hi, I’ve read a few of the other questions but can’t seem to find my answer. It was mentioned to look through the ar of Singapore REITs in the similar domain. 

I’m analysing CICT and can’t find the industry WALE for retail in its annual report and also in FCT annual report. 

For context, I’m doing step 3 of the business quadrant, trying to compare the WALE of CICT to the industry. 

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Rusmin Ang Staff answered 1 week ago
Hi Mallvin Another good question. For average WALE, I think you can skip this process. With the merger among local REITs, we are seeing WALE comparison less relevant because bigger REITs like CICT and MPACT are now more diversified across different sub sector after their past consolidation. In the past CMT was a pureplay retail but that's no longer the case after CMT merged with CICT. In any case, a lot of local REIts seem to follow industry standard for their WALE.
Mallvin Rajamohan replied 1 week ago

Hi Rusmin, thank you once again!

Do I also skip the process of comparing industry average for occupancy or should I just check that despite sub sector, the occupancy should be more than 90%?

Rusmin Ang Staff replied 1 week ago

For occupancy, I think it is important still. Maintaining at 90% occupancy rate will allow the REIT to have the ability to maintain or raise the rent. For hospitality, this figure can be lower at 75%.

Mallvin Rajamohan replied 5 days ago

Hi Rusmin, thank you very much!